Frequently Asked Questions – Not Just Chocolate NYC


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: Are your pieces really edible? Is that really chocolate?

ANSWER: This is perhaps our most asked question, and the answer is, YES!  It is edible and we encourage you to eat them as soon as possible.


  1. Question: Why is your chocolate so delicious?

ANSWER: In our production, we use only real chocolate made from the best cacao beans. We refuse to work with poor quality ingredients like palm oil and preservatives!  


  1. Question: How are your chocolates made?

ANSWER: All our products are hand-crafted by our team of expert chocolatiers. We have decades of training and experience in chocolate design so you can be sure each piece is handcrafted with love and care.


  1. Question: Some of the chocolates look golden. Is the gold edible?

ANSWER:  We use a special edible coloring called CANDURIN. The gold is edible and tasteless and thus does not affect the delicious taste of our chocolates.  Top confectioners all over the world use this technique to make beautiful, amazing and edible desserts.


  1. Question: Are your figures solid or hollow?

ANSWER:  This depends on the item you request. Smaller-size figures typically are more solid.  To ensure that you are able to eat some of our larger size items we make them hollow.  Whether completely solid or slightly hollow each piece is weighty and made with high quality chocolate. 


  1. Question: How is the price of each piece decided?

ANSWER: Each of our items is handcrafted and at times can take hours to make. Our edible works of art are made with natural cacao beans.  Based on the size, quality and design, each piece is priced to give you an expertly crafted decadent chocolate at an amazing price.


  1. Question: Is a refrigerator the best place to store your chocolates?

ANSWER: No. We highly recommend storing our chocolates in a cool and dry place. Many customers store their chocolates in a cupboard or pantry. Chocolate is best kept in a location that is 62-64° F with 70%< humidity. Storing the chocolates in the refrigerator would not be ideal because of humidity and condensate sugar crystals that could appear on chocolate’s surface. The taste of the chocolate will stay the same, however it could lose its beautiful appearance and have a dull gray tone.


  1. Question: Any advice on how to avoid becoming addicted to your delicious chocolate?

ANSWER: We might not be able to help you with this one.